Friday, August 13, 2010

Mopar B-Body Gas Tank Install

B-Body Gas Tank Install

By Geoff Stunkard

Face it, we rarely think about our gas tanks. This is one area of our car we will rarely upgrade unless we are required by damage or possible competition requirements.

Still, there are some disadvantages to the 40-year-old technology — silt and debris gathered in the bottom can find its way into your inlet line, even with a filter, and the fuel sloshes around in the cavernous recesses of the OEM equipment. The old tank looks a little ancient when you hang it back up on your street machine project, too.

Neal Powell did the install on his 1968 Coronet 500 convertible himself in his driveway with hand tools, simply putting his car up on jackstands and using a crawler to do the work. As a result, the photos he took were in close quarters. The tank swap is pretty straight-forward — remove the battery cable to prevent possible disasters, unbolt the lines, filler neck, and sending unit wire, and remove the tank strap bolts. By working in low quarters, Neal could get the nearly empty old tank out with a floor jack. With the sending unit fitted to the new tank’s dimensions, it was reinstalled. The factory filler neck was shortened, the sleeve worked between the OEM neck and the new tank’s extension, and the final lines reattached; it was a simple one-afternoon job.