Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mopar Shaker Hood Scoop Diagram

It is not uncommon for Mopar shaker hood cars to have been stripped for their shaker components at some point in their life. Now you are in a situation where you not only need the shaker hood parts, but you also need to know how it all goes together. Whether you are rebuilding your original shaker hood car or are converting to a shaker setup, the below diagram and accompanying parts list will help you get the parts you need.

Shaker part #'s vary depending on engine option and component preference. Itemized in the left column are the parts required to put together a nearly complete shaker setup. The 1st components are required. When components differer between applications you'll see (choose one). When different alternatives are available for the same component you'll see (choose either). For example: Choose either a plastic shaker bubble or a urethane shaker bubble.

Note: 4bbl implies round. Hemi implies a dual quad application and is oval. A 6bbl or six-pack is oval.

SHK11 - Fastener kit
A0661 - Baseplate washer
BG582 - Drain hose
JH419 - Shaker cable set
(Includes: A0189 - under hood & A0190 - under dash)
ACS1 - Shaker hood door set
(Includes cold air door # JH425 and warm air door # JH424.)
JH416 - hood brace
CH81 - filter (oval)
MW55 - Adapter Ring Seal
HJ8 = Bubble & Grill set
Bubble (choose between)
JF96 (Urethane)
MP601 (Fiberglass)
Grill - 3418LHRH

Trim Ring: (CHOOSE ONE)
Cuda - JH322
Challenger - JH255

Outer Baseplate (CHOOSE ONE)
GC104 - (fiberglass)
WN22 - (Steel)

Baseplate (CHOOSE ONE)
JH414 - 4bbl
JH426 - hemi
JH496 - 6bbl

Support Bracket (Foot):
JH417 - 4bbl
JH411 - 6bbl

Air Cleaner Lid/Cover
JH412 - 4bbl (round)
WN3 - steel (oval)

Find Shaker Parts HERE


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