Friday, December 18, 2009

How To Use Por-15

We carry several POR-15 products. Product part #'s vary depending on colors, size, etc... see our parts catalog for specific details. This stuff is really good in protecting frames, floors, etc... I will give you a quick overview along with some tips on how this product can be used:

Buy ONLY AS MUCH PRODUCT AS YOU EXPECT TO USE. I find it better to buy 2 quarts or 3 pints of product rather than a gallon can. If I think I'm going to use a gallon - total, eventually - I may buy 4 quarts of product. It's easier to buy more product than risk losing unused product.
THE 1st TIME YOU OPEN THE POR-15 CAN - COVER IT WITH SEVERAL SHEETS OF SARAN-WRAP. If you do not do this and you put the lid back on the can... you will need a can opener to get the lid off the next time. And if you bought a gallon of product and ruin the can reopening it...

To use the product:
Wire brush or blast the item to be painted with POR-15. While this technically isn't necessary, I find things look nicer when they're cleaned up before the POR-15 is painted.

Clean the area with POR Marine Clean - part # YJ9.

Prep the area with POR Metal-Ready. - part # YJ37

Then paint the area with your choice of POR-15 coatings. POR-15 paint is UV sensitive and will fade over time if sunlight can get to it. To topcoat your work, use either POR-15 Blackcoat or Chassiscoat black paint.

I USE CHEAP DISPOSABLE BRUSHES. I also wear latex gloves when applying POR-15.

I transfer ONLY AS MUCH PRODUCT I expect to use into a disposable container (plastic bowl, rattle can paint cap, bottom cut off of a 2 liter bottle. and brush the stuff on. POR-15 will lay flat even if brushed on. When I'm done, I throw away the brush, whatever's left over in the container I was working on and my gloves.

There you have it. Using POR-15 is easy and is very effect way to kill rust in its tracks.

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