Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mopar Vin Decoding

One of the most common questions we get is “how do I decode my VIN number?” In the near future we will cover several different VIN types, but in this post we will be covering 1964-74 MOPAR (Dodge and Plymouths) VIN numbers.

1964-65 Mopar VIN's

1st digit: Car make:
1 = Valiant slant-6, Barracuda slant-6

2 = Plymouth slant-6 (1964) / Dart slant-6 (1965)

3 = Plymouth V8 (1964) / Belvedere slant-6 (1965)

4 = Dodge slant-6 (1964) / Coronet slant-6 (1965)

6 = Dodge V8 (1964)

7 = Dart slant-6 (1964)

D = Dodge (1965)

L = Dart V8

R = Belvedere V8 (1965)

V = Valiant V8 / Barracuda V8

W = Coronet V8 (1965)

2nd digit: Series number:
1 = Valiant V100, Dart 170, Belvedere I (1965), Coronet Deluxe (1965), 330 (1964), Savoy (1964), Polara (1965)

2 = Belvedere (1964), 440 (1964), Coronet (1965)

3 = Valiant V200, Dart 270, Belvedere II (1965), Coronet 440 (1965), Fury (1964), Polara (1964)

4 = Valiant Signet, Barracuda (1964), Dart GT, Satellite (1965), Coronet 500 (1965), Sport Fury (1964)

5 = Valiant V100 Wagon, Dart 170 Wagon, Belvedere I Wagon (1965), Coronet Wagon (1965), Savoy Wagon (1964), 330 Wagon (1964)

6 = Belvedere Wagon (1964)

7 = Valiant V200 Wagon, Dart 270 Wagon, Belvedere II Wagon (1965), Coronet 440 Wagon (1965), Fury Wagon (1964)

8 = Barracuda (1965), Belvedere Taxi (1965), Coronet Taxi (1965)

9 = Belvedere Police (1965), Coronet Police (1965)

0 = Belvedere Super Stock (1965), Coronet Super Stock (1965)

3rd digit: Model year:
4 = 1964
5 = 1965

4th digit: Assembly plant:
1 = Lynch Road, Detroit, MI
2 = Dodge Main, Hamtramck, MI
3 = Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, MI
4 = Belvidere, IL
5 = Los Angeles, CA
6 = Newark, DE
7 = St. Louis, MO
9 = Windsor, Ont., Canada
5th through 10th digits:
Sequential production number starting with 100001

1966-67 Mopar VIN's

1st digit: Car make:
B = Barracuda (1967)
L = Dart
R = Belvedere / Satellite
V = Valiant
W = Coronet
X = Charger

2nd digit: Series number:
E = Belvedere Fleet, Coronet Fleet

L = Valiant 100, Dart 170, Belvedere I, Coronet Deluxe

H = Valiant 200 (1966), Valiant Signet, Dart 270, Belvedere II, Coronet 440, Barracuda (1967)

K = Belvedere Police, Coronet Police Belvedere II Super Stock (1967), Coronet 440 Super Stock (1967)

P = Barracuda (1966), Dart GT, Satellite, Coronet 500, Charger

S = Belvedere GTX (1967), Coronet R/T (1967)

T = Belvedere Taxi, Coronet Taxi
3rd and 4th digit: Body style
21 = 2-door sedan
23 = 2-door coupe
27 = 2-door convertible
29 = 2-door Sports coupe
41 = 4-door sedan
45 = 4-door Station Wagon (6 passenger)
46 = 4-door Station Wagon (9 passenger)

5th digit: Engine
A = 170 c.i.d./101hp (1966), or 115hp (1967) 1-bbl slant-6

B = 225 c.i.d./145hp 1-bbl slant-6

C = Special order slant-6

D = 273 c.i.d./180hp 2-bbl V8

D = 273 c.i.d./235hp or 275hp (1966) 4-bbl V8

E = 273 c.i.d./235hp 4-bbl V8 (1967)

E = 318 c.i.d./230hp 2-bbl V8 (1966)

F = 318 c.i.d./230hp 2-bbl V8 (1967)

F = 361 c.i.d./265hp 2-bbl V8 (1966)

G = 383 c.i.d./270hp 2-bbl V8 (1967)

G = 383 c.i.d./325hp 4-bbl V8 (1966)

H = 383 c.i.d./325hp 4-bbl V8 (1967)

H = 426 c.i.d./425hp 2x4-bbl V8 Hemi (1966)

J = 426 c.i.d./425hp 2x4-bbl V8 Hemi (1967)

L = 440 c.i.d./375hp 4-bbl V8 (1967)
6th digit: Model year:
6 = 1966
7 = 1967

7th digit: Assembly plant:
1 = Lynch Road, Detroit, MI
2 = Dodge Main, Hamtramck, MI
3 = Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, MI
4 = Belvidere, IL
5 = Los Angeles, CA
6 = Newark, DE
7 = St. Louis, MO
8 = Export
9 = Windsor, Ont. Canada

8th through 13th digits:
Sequential production number starting with 100001

1st digit: Car make:
B = Barracuda
J = Challenger
L = Dart
R = Belvedere / Satellite
V = Valiant / Duster
W = Coronet/1971-74 Charger
X = 1966-70 Charger

2nd digit: Series number:
L = Valiant (1968-74), Duster (1970-74), Dart (1968-74), Dart Swinger (1968-70), Dart Swinger Special (1971-74), Demon (1971-72), Dart Sport (1973-74), Belvedere (1968-70), Satellite coupe (1971-74), Coronet (1968-74), Charger coupe (1971-74)

M = Dart Swinger 340 (1969-70), Demon 340 (1971-72), Dart Sport 340 (1973), Dart Sport 360 (1974), Road Runner (1968-74), Road Runner SuperBird (1970), Road Runner GTX (1972-74), Coronet SuperBee (1968-70), Charger SuperBee (1971)

H = Valiant Signet (1968-69), Barracuda (1968-69), Barracuda 'Cuda (1969), Scamp (1971-74), Dart 270 (1968), Dart Custom (1969-74), Dart Swinger (1971-74), Satellite (1968- 70), Satellite Sebring (1971-74), Satellite Custom (1971-74),Coronet 440 (1968-70), Charger (1970), Charger coupe (1971-74), Coronet Custom (1971-74), Barracuda (1970-74),Challenger (1970-74), Challenger T/A (1970)

P = Valiant Brougham (1974), Dart GT (1968-69), Dart SE (1974), Sport Satellite (1968-70), Satellite Sebring Plus (1971-74), Satellite Brougham (1971), Regent, Coronet 500, Charger (1968-69), Charger 500 (1970-71), Charger SE (1971-74), Coronet Brougham (1971), Crestwood (1971-74), Barracuda Gran Coupe (1970-71)

S = Duster 340 (1970-73), Duster 360 (1974), Dart GTS (1968-69), Dart GSS (1968), Challenger R/T (1970), GTX (1968-71), Coronet R/T (1968-70), Charger R/T (1968-71), Charger 500 (early 1969), Barracuda 'Cuda (1970-74), Barracuda AAR 'Cuda (1970), Challenger R/T (1970-71), Challenger Rallye (1972)

X = Charger 500 (late 1969), and Charger Daytona (1969)

O = Barracuda Super Stock (1968), Dart Super Stock (1968) K = Belvedere Police (1968-70), Satellite Police (1971-74), Coronet Police (1968-74)

N = Coronet New York Taxi (1970-71)

G = Coronet New York Taxi (1972-74)

T = Belvedere Taxi (1968-70), Satellite Taxi (1971-74), Coronet Taxi (1968-74)

3rd and 4th digit: Body style
21 = 2-door sedan
23 = 2-door coupe
27 = 2-door convertible
29 = 2-door Sports coupe
41 = 4-door sedan
45 = 4-door Station Wagon (6 passenger)
46 = 4-door Station Wagon (9 passenger)

5th digit: Engine
A = 170 c.i.d./115hp 1-bbl slant-6 (1968-69)

B = 225 c.i.d./145hp 1-bbl slant-6 (1968-69)
B = 198 c.i.d./125hp (1970-71), 100hp (1972), or 95hp (1973-74) 1-bbl slant-6

C = Special order slant-6 (1968-69)
C = 225 c.i.d./145hp (1970-71), 110hp (1972), or 105hp (1973-74) 1-bbl slant-6

D = 273 c.i.d./190hp 2-bbl V8 (1968-69)

E = Special order slant-6 (1970-74)

F = 318 c.i.d./230hp 2-bbl V8 (1968-69)

G = 383 c.i.d./290hp 2-bbl V8 (1968-69)
G = 318 c.i.d./230hp (1970-71), 150hp (1972-74), 155hp (1972), or 170hp (1973-74 Road Runner) 2-bbl V8

H = 383 c.i.d./330hp or 335hp 4-bbl V8 (1968-69)
H = 340 c.i.d./275hp (1970-71) or 240hp (1972-73) 4-bbl V8

J = 426 c.i.d./425hp 2x4-bbl V8 Hemi (1968-69)
J = 340 c.i.d./290hp 3x2-bbl V8 (1970) (AAR & T/A)

L = 440 c.i.d./375hp 4-bbl V8 (1968-69)
L = 383 c.i.d./290hp (1970) or 275hp (1971) 2-bbl V8
L = 360 c.i.d./200hp or 245hp 4-bbl V8 (1974)

M = Special order V8 (1968-69)
M = 440 c.i.d./390hp 3x2-bbl V8 (1969) (Six Pack/6-Barrel)
M = 400 c.i.d./190hp (1972), 175hp or 185hp (1973) 2-bbl V8

N = 383 c.i.d./330hp or 335hp(1970) or 300hp (1971) 4-bbl V8
N = 400 c.i.d./205hp 4-bbl V8 (1974)

P = 340 c.i.d./275hp 4-bbl V8 (1968-69)
P = 400 c.i.d./255hp (1972), 260hp (1973), or 250hp (1974) 4-bbl V8

R = 426 c.i.d./425hp 2x4-bbl V8 Hemi (1970-71)

U = 440 c.i.d./375hp (1970), 370hp (1971), 280hp (1972-73), 290hp (1972), or 275hp (1974) 4-bbl V8

V = 1970=440 3 2bbl, 390hp
1971=440 3 2bbl. 385hp
1972=440 3 2bbl 330hp

Z = Special order V8 (1970-74)

6th digit: Model year:
8 = 1968
9 = 1969
0 = 1970
1 = 1971
2 = 1972
3 = 1973
4 = 1974

7th digit: Assembly plant:
A = Lynch Road, Detroit, MI
B = Dodge Main, Hamtramck, MI
C = Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, MI
D = Belvidere, IL
E = Los Angeles, CA
F = Newark, DE
G = St. Louis, MO
H = New Stanton, PA
P = Export
R = Windsor, Ont. Canada

8th through 13th digits: Sequential production number starting with 100001


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  3. F = 1970
    W - Windsor engine plant
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    p = premium fuel
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