Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day Two - Perfect Ending In Racine, WI - June 7th, 2009 Power Tour

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Sunday, June 7, 2009 - Power Tour

How close to a perfect day can an individual have? Today brought me closer to an answer than I have ever been before. Although we didn’t leave Racine with the main group, we were instantly surrounded by hot rodders on US 12 leaving Madison, WI. One of the great cars we keep running into was flat black Ford Falcon wagon pulling a trailer. Whoever you are… nice car (see pics in slide show).

Coming into Cambridge, WI put us into a time warp. While crowds of locals gathered along the sidewalks, the streets were packed with over 3,000 old hot rods and muscle cars. One local was even handing out doughnuts to passers by (I took one and it was great). We had a similar experience in Whitewater, WI with scenic old buildings and a small town main street lined with cars from decades past.

Prior to entering Union Grove Dragway we stopped at a local fast food joint. Needless to say the volume of hot rodders practically shut down the place. Walking around the parking lot and talking to dozens of other car enthusiasts turned this into more of a temporary car show than a food stop. I guess that is what Power Tour is really about anyway, the journey.

Well we finally reached our destination in Racine, WI along the Michigan Lake shore. The anticipation was high as we made our way through small town streets to reach the shore line car show. Racine’s event did not disappoint. Thousands of cars lined the shore line creating the perfect atmosphere for car enthusiast. The gathering felt more like a group of your best friends hanging out in a local parking lot than an organized car show. Racine reminded me what the hobby is about.


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