Monday, June 8, 2009

Day Three - South Bend In - June 8, 2009 Power Tour

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Day Three - South Bend In - Monday June 8, 2009 - Power Tour

If you're the average hot rodder, day to day life may make you feel like you're in an automotive bubble. You go to work , school, or home for the evening all revved up about the slick car you saw that morning but your co-workers, class mates, or wife could care less about your seemingly meaningless experience. You may even get to a point where you wonder if your hobby is even practical.

Fear not my friend, you are not alone. The simple cure to your problem is the Power Tour. Just imagine being surrounded by 3,000 die hard car nuts. To put it plainly, the Power Tour will make you feel normal.

I have seen thousands dream cars this week and driven a few very fast ones, but the people I have meet are making the tour for me. Hope to see you next year.


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